Betway Kenya app download

How the Betway Kenya app works?

The online bookmaker Betway currently offers to its customers two ways of accessing its services through mobile devices. The first one is by Betway app download for iOS and Android, while the second is by using the mobile website, which can be used by any smartphone or tablet, regardless of its operating system.

This article intends to explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two choices. Also, here the reader will learn which gadgets are currently capable of running the Betway app Kenya.

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How good is the Betway app for iOS?

People who own a device developed by Apple can enjoy the official version of the Betway mobile app created for those systems. It is capable of running in every version of the iPad, as well as in the iPhone 5 or a more recent version.

As a general rule, every gadget of this brand that has iOS 7.0 or a more recent version of the operating system will be able to run the official Betway software without issues. It may work in older system but it is neither recommended nor supported.

To Betway app download this particular version of the software, the user only needs to access the AppStore, and find it among the available applications. As can be seen from this, the process is extremely simple.

If someone is already familiar with the Betway website for desktop computers, this person should know that literally every feature available in that platform can be accessed and used from this software.

The Betway mobile app has received some revisions and updates in recent months. This has improved aspects such as stability, more features, and solved a few bugs that have been discovered and reported by users of these services.

Users of the Betway Kenya app have only positive comments about it. It is good looking, and it blends good with the iOS interface. But not only that, because it has a great responsiveness, and runs fast even in older devices. This means that not only every feature of the betting website and casino can be used here, but also, this use can be done in a comfortable and efficient manner.

Considering all of this, it is recommended for everyone owning an iPhone or an iPad, and who wants to join Betway, to download and install the Betway app rather than using the mobile website. Of course, this page will work good too in every web browser available for said gadgets. However, only the app can guarantee all the necessary stability and reliability.

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How to download and install the Betway APK in Android tablets and phones?

As said before this software is also available for Android system. If anyone reading this article is interested in obtaining the software, which can be done for free, he or she should know that it is necessary to have a tablet or phone with at least Android 4.1. The app will also work in Android 4.0. However, in this case the live streamings will not be available.

A minimum screen resolution of 320×480 is needed, otherwise the elements on the different screens will not display properly. Obviously, the gadget where the user intends to setup the software must have enough storage space to fit the Betway apk and the files that it generates during its operation.

Some of the devices and brands that are capable of running the software include ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, LG, among many others. In general, the aforementioned system requirements are more important than a particular brand.

If someone wants to know how to install the app in these gadgets, and fulfills all the aforementioned requirements, then it is necessary to complete the following steps to Betway app download, which are simple and only take a few minutes:

  1. Open a mobile browser and visit the Betway website
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen to the downloads area
  3. Select the desired file to be downloaded
  4. Tap over it to begin the download process
  5. Execute the Betway apk file and follow the steps on screen.

After step 5 has been executed it is necessary to take a few precautions, because by default, most Android devices, regardless of their brand, forbid the installation of programs whose apk has not been obtained from an official source. This means that something that wasn’t obtained from Google Play, Samsung Store, or any other similar place will not be installed if an adjustment is not made in the settings.

What needs to be done in this case is to visit the security settings of the gadget. Over there, the user must find a checkbox called “unknown sources” and check it. Once this has been done, the execution of the Betway apk will continue and the installation will finish.

All the process described so far is necessary because currently the software can not be obtained from the Google Play Store. This is not because of a problem with Betway or its software. The reason for this is that the current terms and conditions of the market do not allow apps of bookmakers and casinos that work with real money.

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What if I want to use the mobile website instead of the Betway mobile app?

As said before, the mobile version of the Betway webpage is always available for all devices that can run a web browser. It has all the features that are encountered in the desktop website as well as in the iOS and Android software, this means that through that platform it is possible to gamble, play, make payments, and more. However, it has a few downsides that will be explained below.

The mobile website is far more reliant on an active internet connection. If the phone or tablet is disconnected from the network even for a short time, there is a possibility that the website will close and the user will be disconnected from the game or bet being used at the moment. Another inconvenience (which is not really an issue) is that web browsers usually forget the login details.

However, to be fair, it has some advantages as well over the Betway mobile app, because no extra downloads are required, and also, more devices can run it, such as gadgets that have older versions of iOS and Android, and those running other system like Windows Phone.

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Payment methods usable for those who Betway app download

Every payment method available from the desktop website of Betway can be used in any version of the Betway mobile app. The software works completely good with services such as Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, Entropay, Trustly, Neteller, PayPal and others.

People who wish to make bank transfers, use debit cards, as well as VISA or MasterCard credit cards can also use these methods directly from the mobile platforms. Every form of payment mentioned so far allows withdrawals and deposits.

Summarizing, this software is intended for anyone who wants to take the Betway experience to the palm of their hand, as all the features, games and betting markets (with their very competitive odds) that can be used from the desktop website are available in these applications.

Because of everything that has been mentioned throughout this article, the Betway app not only fulfill their role, but it excels at it, because it is not just a replicator, everything has been carefully adapted and optimized to make sure that it will work perfectly in every supported device. This is another reason that helps to explain why the bookmaker is expanding rapidly not only in Kenya, but also in most of the world.Dont miss Betway super bonus

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